102: Teaching Life Skills

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We live in a crazy, mixed-up world, vastly different from the world 20 years ago. Back then, there were no cell phones, only very rudimentary computers, no internet or social media and the world seemed much calmer as we all had more time to spent in face-to-face communication. We weren’t looking more at our phones and less at the world around us, the way many of us do today. Just stand in line at a restaurant or sit at your gate in the airport: ninety percent of people are staring at their phones rather than interacting with the ones around them!

But even 20 years ago, parents still needed to impart basic life skills to children, skills all kids need to learn before they move into life as an adult. Listen as we hit on some of the major topics for the current culture we are living in right now.

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“In this entitled world, we have forsaken the value of accountability even as adults. We all need accountability.”

September McCarthy

Mentioned in this episode:

“Heart discipleship will go much further than any parental controls ever will.”

Jamie Erickson

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