105: Q&A 2023 Edition

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Recently, we had the privilege of hosting a Q&A panel at the Teach Them Diligently convention in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The room was packed with moms eager to ask them some hard questions about mothering, faith, homeschooling, discipleship, and so much more. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get to all of the questions and there were several that were quite universal, so we thought it would be beneficial to discuss them on the podcast.

In this episode, we return to that stack of questions and do our best to answer them as if we were still sitting down with mothers in real-time. Just as in the live Q&A, we “shoot from the hip” with no preparation or background, not knowing all the nuances behind the question or your specific set of circumstances. Take our thoughts as a gentle invitation to explore further on your own.

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“Why would our daughters want to be mothers if all they hear from us is complaining as if we are victims of our children.”

Jamie Erickson

Questions we tackled:

  1. By the time my husband gets home from work, I’m mentally and emotionally spent. How can I make sure that I have enough me left for him?
  2. How do you combat poor attitudes about learning in the homeschool day?
  3. Can you speak to the importance of being a mother to girls who want to be wives and mothers but who hear society tell them that a motherly call is unimportant?
  4. How did you handle or are handling dating or courting in your home?
  5. How can you encourage your kids to tell the truth the first time?
  6. What would you tell your younger mom self?

“Be vigilant about who you’re listening to on social media because many moms on there are not setting a good example of the joy of motherhood and what it could be…what it should be.”

Kate Battistelli

Mentioned in this episode:

“Strengthening our children’s conscience is the first step in encouraging them to tell the truth.

September McCarthy

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