104: Online vs. Real-Life Titus 2 Mentors

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In the American church, there’s been a growing, gaping hole between the generations. Older women often feel disconnected and irrelevant to younger women, easily intimidated by modern technology and navigating social media and it’s easy for many to feel out of touch. Many younger women feel like they’re doing just fine on their own and don’t see the need for biblical mentorship. Others find that when they do ask an older woman to mentor them, they get turned down and they wind up navigating as best they can but desperate for help from someone who’s been there and done that.

Our goal in this episode is to encourage the hearts of both older and younger women and give strategies to help you connect and share creative ways to bridge the massive gap between the generations.

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“Mentorship is a command, not a suggestion.”

Kate Battistelli

Verses to consider:

“Anytime we view the work of home as unnecessary or less important, we leave trails of brokenness.”

Jamie Erickson

Mentorship resources:

“The power of our tongue and our testimony of what we’ve been called to in motherhood is a form of mentorship.”

September McCarthy

Investment steps of mentorship:

I – instruct
N – nurture
V – venerate
E – encourage
S – stay
T -treasure

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