Talking About the Birds & the Bees

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In our current culture, children are inundated with twisted messages about sex and sexuality–from billboards along the highway showing scantily clad models to the magazine rack at the grocery story declaring all kinds of sexually explicit headlines, sex is an unavoidable topic. And while we can feel pressed by the weight of helping our kids swim up the culture tide, we don’t have to be overwhelmed.

The “talk” doesn’t have to be awkward. It only becomes uncomfortable when we ignore it. Talk early. Talk often and create an on-going conversation that continues to peel back the layers at age-appropriate times to help steer your child towards a healthy view of Biblical sexuality.

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“The enemy’s goal is to seek, kill, and destroy an entire generation.”

Kate Battistelli

Mentioned in this episode:

“There is a difference between purity and just saving sex for marriage.”

September McCarthy

No one’s mind or heart is ever moved by a sense of shame.”

Jamie Erickson