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To say that the news has been filled with tragedies of every kind is quite an understatement. It seems like the whole world is on fire. The weight of it all feels very heavy. And we’re grown adults who have experienced decades of national and global crisis. Most of our kids, however, are witnessing political, social, and economic unrest for the first time. And while on the one hand, we want them to know what is going on in the world in order to process history in the making through a Biblical lens, on the other hand, we want to protect them from being crushed by it all.

How do we prepare them today to be the leaders of tomorrow without overwhelming them with all devastation, corruption, and sorrow?

Today, we’re talking about age-appropriate ways to navigate current events with our kids.

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“Consider your kids’ emotional capacity not just their age.”

September McCarthy

Tips for spotting fake news:

  • Does the site have an unusual URL?
  • Are parts of the article written in all caps?
  • Does the site contain grammar errors?
  • Does the article lack cited sources?
  • Does the site contain sensational photos?
  • Is the site missing an “About” section?
  • Can the information contained in the article be cross-referenced by other sources?
  • Does anything appear in a Google search when you enter the article topic and the word “hoax?”
  • Are other outlets reporting the same information?
  • Is the source known to be reliable?

“Don’t confuse popularity with reliability.”

Kate Battistelli

News resources for kids:

God’s World News Group

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“The Enemy wants to confuse, deceive, and spread misinformation.”

Kate Battistelli

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