101: Parenting Adult Children

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Parenting adult children can sometimes be a delicate dance. But just as we did when they were younger, we have to hold them out to the Lord, asking that He go before them each and every day. He loves them far more than we ever could and can draw them close with His kindness. If we begin now while they are younger to welcome their questions, to encourage them to seek the truth in Scripture, to model what it looks like to listen to the Spirit’s leading, then we’ll stand a better chance of having kids who continue to do all of those things even into adulthood.

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In this episode, Kate and September, in their hard-won wisdom, will calm all our fears about parenting adult children.

“Clothing ourselves with humility is a huge part of having a strong relationship with adult children.”

September McCarthy

Mentioned in this episode:

“Pray about everything you observe but also about what you can’t see in the lives of your adult children because the Lord knows.”

Kate Battistelli

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