100: Discipleship Begins at Home with Leslie Nunnery

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For Christian families, discipleship that goes to a child’s heart will give them a passion for Jesus like nothing else.  We, mamas, do our utmost to raise our children according to biblical principles and standards as we do our best to model Christ’s love to them and everyone in our lives.

To chat all about how to focus on discipleship and why it’s so critical for our kids, we’re welcoming Leslie Nunnery, an author and mom of four who along with her husband, David, founded Teach Them Diligently, the nation’s premier source for gospel-centered homeschool events.

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“Discipleship starts in the heart of a mom to desire to grow and to bring her children along. God growing me is the first step in me being able to invest in my kids.”

Leslie Nunnery

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“Discipleship is preventative care. Discipline is restorative care. Both are care.”

Jamie Erickson

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Accusations harden the will but questions prick the conscience.”

Leslie Nunnery

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