Discipline that Connects to the Heart with Jim & Lynne Jackson

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Discipline, when given in love and covered in grace and truth, should lead to repentance, restoration, and right living. But for so many of us, disciplining our kids seems like a never-ending cycle of annoyance, frustration, and even anger. In fact, we don’t even like the word discipline. We tend to say it in a whisper hoping no one will hear us because in our “anything goes” culture, it makes us feel like a mean mom or worse yet, an abusive mom.

But what we need to remember is that discipline is a God-idea. “For the Lord disciplines the one he loves, and chastises every son whom he receives.” Hebrews 12:6 says. The trouble comes when we doll out discipline that perhaps stops the wrong behavior for the moment, but never reaches the heart.

Our guests today are here to help us parent with confidence and love even in the area of our discipline.

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To learn more about Jim & Lynne Jackson:

“Our discipline communicates messages of identity to our children.”

Jim Jackson

4 Key Discipleship Messages:

  • You are safe with me.
  • You are loved no matter what.
  • You are called and capable.
  • You are responsible for your actions.

Mentioned in this episode:

“A compliant heart isn’t necessarily an obedient heart.”

Jim Jackson

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