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Our current culture has decided that motherhood is defined by complaining about our kids online, disguising our frustration behind a funny meme or an LOL, or guzzling down a bottle of wine at bedtime to slough off the struggles of running a home. We’re all being encouraged to Good Enough our way through motherhood.

And while some days of mothering and home keeping are really difficult and while it would obviously be easier to settle into the current status quo than to learn and grow in our role as moms. The fact of the matter is, if we aim for low, that’s the target we’ll hit. Instead, our guest today would like to challenge us all to raise the bar and find value in the work God has given us to do.

We’re excited to have Leslie Nunnery on the show. She and her husband David are the founders of Teach Them Diligently, a ministry designed to help moms disciple and homeschool their kids more effectively.

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To learn more about Leslie Nunnery:

“My parenting vision helps me to see each daily interruption as a chance for me to get to know the heart of my child.”

Leslie Nunnery

Mentioned in this episode:

“You don’t have to believe the lie that says whatever your past looked like with your mom and dad is going to impact generations to come. You are able to draw near to God and allow His grace to change the trajectory of your family.”

Leslie Nunnery

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