The Truth about Mom Fatigue Syndrome with Hannah Keeley

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Today, over 10 million moms will take anxiety or depression medication in order to cope with their day, 29 million moms will yell at their kids, and 13 million moms will sneak away to the bathroom, the bedroom, the closet, or really anywhere to catch a breath, take a break, or to sob. The statistics of mom overwhelm are both staggering and heartbreaking.

Our guest today says that most moms suffer from what she calls Mom Fog, or more aptly put Mom Fatigue Syndrome and that our feelings of helplessness are often the result of changes that occur after childbirth. 

We’re pleased to welcome America’s #1 Mom Coach, Hannah Keeley, to the show. Hannah is the founder of Mom Mastery University, wife to Blair, mom to seven, and author of the new book Mom Fog.

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