Social {Media} Distancing with Wendy Speake

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In light of the tumultuous start of 2021, perhaps you, like so many other folks, are contemplating a complete social media purge. Maybe that feels a bit dramatic. Or maybe, like the moms here on the podcast, your work or ministry takes place on social media and so total abandonment is not an option.

Instead, a 40-Day Fast might be just what you need to restore your mental health, quiet the distractions, and return to a sweet fellowship with the One who deserves your complete devotion.

Our guest today would love to help you break up with your phone…at least for the next few weeks. We’re joined by Wendy Speake, author, speaker, and co-host of the Homeschool Solutions Show. She’s written a new book, 40-Day Social Media Fast, and is here today to help us all step away from our screens.

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To learn more about Wendy Speake:

“Can you imagine who you would see or what needs you would see if you weren’t so distracted.”

Wendy Speake

Wendy’s Books:

“Our phones have become barriers between us and others.”

Wendy Speake

Mentioned in the episode:

“Open the Word before you go to the world.”

Wendy Speake