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Mom anger is real, it is hidden, it is often something that takes the calmest and even the most loving and positive mother by surprise, and is one of the most shameful and embarrassing topics in mom circles because most mothers think they must be the only ones who get angry with their children.

From our children’s immaturity, our own personal struggles, our circumstances, and a child’s behavior, we all have moments where our children have not seen the best in us. And most of the time, it is directed or misdirected at them.  Which is the last thing any of us want for our motherhood or for our children.

Today, we  are chatting with Amber Lia, a native of California, married to her husband Guy and raising four boys. Amber is an author, speaker, life and health coach and this topic brought her book Triggers, to the top selling list, as it caught the attention of many desperate mamas, finding help and encouragement with our Mom Rage.

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“At the end of the day, we are responsible for our responses and our reactions.”

Amber Lia

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“Anger is not necessarily wrong…it’s what we do with our anger and where we direct it that we go awry.”

Amber Lia

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“We do not have to be perfect; we just need to yield to being perfected by Christ one day at a time.”

Amber Lia

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