Summertime Adventures for the Unadventurous Mom with Greta Eskridge

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Summer is upon us and if you live in a place that is buried under snow for what feels like 95% of the year, you want to take full advantage of all three weeks of it. You welcome the sunburned noses, the skinned knees, and even the mosquito bites that are the required dress code of summer. Some moms, whether because of personality or daily responsibilities, find summer easy–they become less structured, more breezy, and naturally more fun.

But for some of us, our expectations of summer fun fall far short of our realities. We want to be the fun summer mom, but we’re perhaps more Type A. Or maybe our schedules and responsibilities don’t shift or we just prefer the Great Indoors. But here’s the thing, no matter our personalities or daily schedules, you and I most likely only have 18 summers to spend with our kids without adulthood handing them adultish things–18 chances to squeeze in adventures and make lasting memories. Let’s not let this summer just slip by. Let’s grab a hold and make the best of it!

Today, we’re joined by Greta Eskridge a homeschooling, Jesus-loving, countercultural mom who’s here to help us fight for both joy and adventure in our homes. 

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“Adventure is the vehicle but connection is the goal.

Greta Eskridge

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“You really can make the world come alive in simple ways.”

Greta Eskridge

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