Not Your Mother’s Menopause

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Premenopause and menopause are God-designed. They are seasons that can and should be welcomed and celebrated. But unfortunately, they are often talked about with undertones of regret, embarrassment, or lament. 

Today, we hope to change the narrative. 

Before we go any further, please note, we are not doctors. This episode is meant to give you a glimpse of the experiences of other women, not to diagnose your symptoms or suggest any treatments plans. Consider our stories anecdotal evidence to a very nuanced and sometimes complicated but natural process that happens to all women. Please consult your own physician before trying anything that we might suggest in our conversation.

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“The world wants us to resent and despise menopause, but it’s a change–a physical change and a spiritual journey.”

September McCarthy

Mentioned in this episode:

“Social media is constantly telling us who the ‘ideal’ woman is, but we are going to change and we have to accept and love the body God gave us.”

Kate Battistelli