A Happy Heart in Hectic Times with Tricia Goyer

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Happy and Chaos: Do those two words seem to go together when you are talking about Motherhood? When was the last time your family noticed you laughing, smiling, and happy?

Motherhood can be overwhelming and quite honestly, as much as we organize, set up boundaries, and have a healthy view of our daily life, the peace and joy may be absent from our soul and our calm feels like chaos. How can a mom be transformed from the inside out? Today’s guest, Tricia Goyer, understands what it’s like to be pulled in a dozen different directions with the longing and intention to do all things well.

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“God calls us to be happy.”

Tricia Goyer

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“There are areas of our hearts that God wants to bring healing to and we just need to pause long enough to sit before Him.”

Tricia Goyer

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