Am I a Helicopter Parent with a Child-Centered Home?

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The term helicopter parent was derived from some parents’ literal and continuous hovering over their children’s every move. It is a fitting term for moms and dads who choose to oversee every detail of their children’s lives. Even when kids are more than capable of doing things independently, helicopter parents can’t help but swoop in and take matters into their own hands. 

In today’s episode, we are sifting through the pros and cons of micro-managing and parenting our children and the difference between being a protective parent or having a child-centered home.

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“When we place our kids at the center of our lives, we’re comitting spiritual adultery.”

Jamie Erickson

Mentioned in this episode:

“Kids who have been helicopter paranted have trouble making decsions. They become entitled.”

September McCarthy

How to mentor your kids:

Paraphrased from Small Group Leader’s Quick Guide to (Almost) Everything by Steven Tighe and Syler Thomas

  • I do. You watch.
  • I do. You help.
  • You do. I help.
  • You do. I watch.
  • You do. Someone else watches.

“Be a coach, not a dictator.”

Kate Battistelli

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