Helping My Child Through Disappointment

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2020 was the year of disappointments for most of us. Plans were canceled, businesses shut down, and overall life came to a screeching halt for so many of us. Now over 7 months into 2021 and things are picking back up for most of us, but life really hasn’t gotten back to normal. Who knows if it ever will. Our new normal looks different and brings with it a new wave of disappointments, not just for us, but for our kids.

But what if instead of looking at all these setbacks and frustrations as something to “slog through,” what if we as moms could see them as an opportunity to help our kids learn to walk well through disappointments. How would that change the landscape of our homes moving forward–regardless of how long this Covid craziness lasts? 

So today, we’d love for you to pull up a chair as we chat about how to help our kids walk through disappointment.

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Questions to help your kids through disappointment:

  • Why are you so sad, mad, disappointed?
  • Why are you having a tough time pivoting?
  • Has this become an idol?
  • Is this a need or a wish or a desire that wasn’t met?
  • Have you ever let anyone else down?

“God holds our disappointments with care and that should compel us to do the same thing for our kids.”

Jamie Erickson

Tips for preventing unnecessary disappointments:

  • Let your kids know what the expectations are ahead of time.
  • Give them notice about a possible change.
  • Don’t over commit.
  • Don’t make promises you can’t keep.
  • Don’t reward your kids for everything they do.
  • Be sympathetic to their circumstances

“Entitled children who get their way all the time will grow up to make selfish decisions that will affect other people.”

September McCarthy

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