Different by Design: Special Needs Mothering with Lisa Jacobson

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Every mom feels unprepared for motherhood at some point or another. This is especially true for the one who is mothering a child with special needs. She faces unique circumstances every day that set her far apart from her friends’ schedules, lives, and experiences. She’s often lonely, exhausted, and full of fear.

Mothering a different-by-design kid is an experience no one can feel prepared for.

Today, we welcome Lisa Jacobson, a woman whose mothering story has changed the lives of thousands of moms who like her have raised a special child.

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“You have no idea what kind of joy they will be and the gift they’ll be to your family that has nothing to do with the physical prognosis they have.”

Lisa Jacobson

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“Lord, I am having a hard time handing this dream over to you for your safe keeping. But, I trust you to look after my heart as you trust me to look after my child’s.”

Lisa Jacobson

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