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For nearly four years now, you have tuned in to hear us chat about all the pieces of motherhood–marriage, childbirth, mothering, discipleship, faith, friends–all the many parts that we, moms, carry each and every day. But the truth is, we don’t do it alone. Our lives are a team effort and we’re each only one-half of a whole. Our miles of motherhood would have looked so very different without the love, support, and partnership we’ve received from our husbands. That’s not to say that every day we’ve spent as Team Mom and Dad has been perfect. We don’t always agree. We don’t always get along. We don’t always parent the way the other one does. But while the execution might be different, the vision is the same–to raise children who love Jesus. 

Today, our husbands have volunteered to be in the hot seat and we’ll be turning the mics over to them to give us all a peek at what it means to be a husband and father with intention and hopefully help us all as moms know how best to love, support, and partner with them in helpful ways.

This is obviously the Mom to  Mom Podcast, so the episode is for you. But, if you’re married,  we’d encourage you to grab your spouse and listen together.

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“It’s so critical that we love our wives biblically and extravagantly–that we place her needs and our children’s needs above our own.

Mike Battistelli

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“There’s nothing the Evil One would like more than for families to drift apart.

Dain Erickson

“We both have different leadership styles and capabilities. [As a husband] a lot of my job is to be supportive of her.”

Dan McCarthy

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