Slow Down, Mom with Jennifer Dukes Lee

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There is something deeply satisfying about planting seeds down in the soil and watching and waiting and seeing them spring up in God’s perfect timing and producing beautiful flowers and perfect vegetables every summer. It refreshes the soul. 

We’re well aware that it takes time for things to grow and it takes time to learn the exact right moment to harvest. It takes time and maturity and patience. We know that to become excellent at anything takes years of practice and study. 

Our friend, Jennifer Dukes Lee–mom, writer, and farmer’s wife–is our guest today. Her wonderful new book called Growing Slow: Lessons on Unhurrying Your Heart From an Accidental Farmgirl reminds us to slow down, wait patiently, and bloom where we are planted right now. She will help us to see that as we accept God’s way of growing, we will find peace and so much blessing.

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“One-fourth of the growing season happens in winter when there are all kinds of things happening under the earth that prepares us for a better season come spring.”

Jennifer Dukes Lee

Jennifer’s books:

“The little things that happen in the slowest of days are the mattering things.”

Jennifer Dukes Lee

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