96: Sexual Intimacy in Marriage with Francie Winslow

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God designed sex and it is a great gift to us in marriage, but sometimes it can also lead to frustrations and hurt feelings.  The world has such a fractured view of sex, but we think part of the reason sex has become so distorted in our culture is that we’re not having these kinds of conversations.  

We’re sure you can tell by the title of this episode that this is not going to be a G-rated discussion! Now would be a great time to hit pause if there are kids around and find a way to listen privately, perhaps even alone with your spouse.

We’re talking about sex today with our friend Francie Winslow, the host of the Heaven in Your Home podcast and an outspoken advocate for Biblical intimacy between husbands and wives.

Join us for this hard, yet importantly honest, discussion. 

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“The Enemy doesn’t want sex to be glorious or good or God-revealing.”

Francie Winslow

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“Lean in [to sex in your marriage] even when it would be easier to lean out.”

Francie Winslow

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“God didn’t skip over certain body parts in His declaration of goodness.”

Francie Winslow

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