Summertime Self-Care for Moms

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summer self-care for moms

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It’s summer, school is out, and now it’s your chance, mama, to take a little “me” time. You’ve been making lunches, carpooling, driving the kids to soccer or ballet or violin lessons or whatever your children might be interested in every week for months on end so, not having to drive endlessly every day is a blessing!

However, summer can become just as busy as the school year: driving to camp or VBS, doctors appointments, parties, a myriad of different activities, depending on the ages of your kiddos.  In the summer, your kids get a break from school and the daily grind but you are still a mom, doing all the mom things only you can do. And you’re expected to!

You don’t get the option to slack off!

We’re hoping you’ll have some time to yourself over the next couple of months, time to relax–maybe outside at a pool, or the beach, or lake, or in the mountains, maybe you’ll even have the opportunity to get away with your husband for a few days! Phew! No carpool lines for 2 months!

And if you homeschool, no lessons to think about for weeks! But, there are lots of tips to help make your summer go smoothly for you and your sanity.

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