Rebuilding a Marriage After Infidelity with Jill Savage

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Marriage is God-ordained. It’s God’s gift to mankind, as He initiated the very first marriage in Genesis. Its purpose is to bring joy to us, bring glory to Him, and raise Godly families. He gave marriage to us to make our lives more fulfilling and richer, ultimately drawing us closer to God.

As soon as two become one through marriage, their relationship changes, and they are unified in a mysterious way, different from any other human relationship, with eternal significance. God’s design for marriage is companionship, purpose, and passion.

And although every marriage comes with pitfalls, there are steps we can take to strengthen our relationship with our spouse even after physical or emotional infidelity and model what Christ taught us about loving and forgiving others.

Today, we’re joined by author and speaker Jill Savage. Jill knows firsthand how to put a marriage back together after it’s fallen apart. She speaks honestly and openly about the struggles she and her husband, Mark, have dealt with and the valuable lessons they learned when coming back from infidelity and betrayal. She reminds us that hurting marriages can heal and good marriages can become great.

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“I did not cause my husband’s affair but I did contribute to the disfunction of our marriage.”

Jill Savage

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“When you sit in unrealistic expectations day in and day out people constantly disappoint you. Your disappointment becomes discouragement, disillusionment, and then it becomes disconnection.”

Jill Savage

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“Love is a choice–a decision.”

Jill Savage

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