Women and Gossip

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When we gossip, we’re sharing information about someone that’s not public knowledge…if they wanted you to know it, they’d share it themselves. Before you’re tempted to share news about someone else, ask yourself this: “Would I say these words if the other person were standing right here in front of me?”

Gossip is extremely harmful and, if what you’re sharing is not true, it’s slander. When you gossip, you’re telling only a partial truth about someone because you can’t possibly know the whole story. The hard truth is this: Gossip is sin and it can destroy a home, a church, and a friendship. It’s like a secret hunger that we try to avoid but when someone starts talking about someone else, we almost can’t resist it.

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“A person who will gossip to you about someone else will, most certainly, gossip to someone else about you.”

Jamie Erickson

September’s 3 question test for conversation:

  • Do these words build up?
  • Am I being constructive?
  • If the person were here with me, how would her presence change what I say about her?

Before you speak, THINK:

  • T- Is it true?
  • H- Is it honorable?
  • I- Is it inspiring?
  • N- Is it necessary?
  • K- Is it kind?

Mentioned in this episode:

“Commit your reputation to the Lord.”

September McCarthy

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