Unfulfilled Motherhood with Laura Booz

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We know that motherhood makes high demands. Yet we know it’s worth it. Some days we may feel like no one sees us or question if our daily investments are even making a difference. 

Because let’s be honest, motherhood is not glamorous. Days and weeks can go by without an ounce of appreciation, without any special moments, without any “It’s all worth it!” epiphanies.

Maybe you feel like some sort of defective woman who is selfish and like a fraud because you are feeling the weight and perhaps the disappointment of motherhood not being all that you expected it to be.

You may lack contentment in the difficult seasons and wonder what you are doing wrong and why you’re not thriving. You might be asking yourself, “When will this feel fulfilling and where did I lose myself in the process?”

Our guest today, Laura Booz, has written a new book, Expect Something Beautiful, answering the deep down questions: Is motherhood only about self-sacrifice? Or will it bless your life, too?

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“There’s never going to be some new fangled way to follow Jesus. It’s always going to come back to time in His Word, the enjoyment of prayer, and the fellowship of the saints.”

Laura Booz

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“His Word is going to pay attention to us when all day long, all night long, we are paying attention to everything else.”

Laura Booz

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“On those days when you really feel depeleted and like you’re the wrong person for the job–that you don’t have what it takes, know that God can hear that and will take it all.”

Laura Booz

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