Teaching Kids Hospitality

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1 Peter 4:9 tells us to “offer hospitality to one another, without grumbling.” Extending hospitality is not just a nice thing for us to do; it is direct obedience to the command of God. Yet, sometimes it feels like drudgery.

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In his book, The Simplest Way to Change the World, Dustin Willis writes, “Ordinary does not equal insignificant… We must remember that the church has progressed for 2 millennia on God’s power at work around ordinary kitchen tables and living rooms.”

Hospitality, at its core, is a simple act of faith that takes our eyes off the results and puts them squarely on Jesus. 

Teaching our kids hospitality or generous living flows from our everyday lives and not just the singular stress-filled moments of hosting company or entertaining guests. 

It begins in the heart–how and what we think of others; how we view our own possessions and our actions. The only art to hospitality and generous living we can teach our children is the act of selfless giving and a posture of humility with what we have been given.

“Hospitality is love in action.”

Kate Battistelli

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“This isn’t a matter of ‘doing.’ This is a matter of the heart. Hospitality is a great opportunity to teach our kids how to view the Gospel.”

September McCarthy

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