Preparing Hearts & Homes for Christmas with Victoria Duerstock

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“The challenges of motherhood are different in each season. If our focal point doesn’t remain firmly fixed on Christ we are going to struggle. When we firmly plant our gaze on Him, though everything doesn’t automatically become easier, we find our strength coming from Him to deal with whatever lies ahead.” These words from our guest Victoria Duerstock ring especially true as we approach the holiday season.

Christmas will be here before we know it and now is the perfect time to begin preparing for it, finding small ways each day to embrace the beauty of the birth of Christ and to engage our children in ways that will encourage them to keep Him as the focus.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and let the craziness of the season take over. We have to be intentional before the rush of the holidays arrives, to make a plan and determine what’s important to our family and what we can implement to make Christmas more meaningful.

We set the tone in our homes on Christmas Day and every day.

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“The home that we live in is to be leveraged and opened for others.”

Victoria Duerstock

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“Our home can be used to declare the Truth of the Christmas season.”

Victoria Duerstock

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