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Here’s the truth about organization that we’re quick to forget: a system, a container, a pricey shelving unit is only worth its salt if it can be sustained over the long haul. Similar to a crash diet where a woman loses a lot of weight quickly but never learns how to eat nutritious meals or never deals with the underlying reasons why she perhaps put the weight on to begin with, a quick-fix organizational system is doomed to failure if a mom never learns how to maintain the new structure.

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Our guest today is here to teach us how to organize for the long haul–to makeover our spaces in a way that will work for us, not add more work for us.

Kristi Clove is wife to Steve, homeschooling mother to five, host of the Simply Joyful Podcast, and author of M.O.M. Master Organizer of Mayhem.

“Organization is about creating efficiency in our homes so that we can have more time.”

Kristi Clover

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“In can’t control all the situations in my life, but I can make changes in some areas.”

Kristi Clover

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“It’s important for our homes to reflect the people who are in them.”

Kristi Clover