Visionary Motherhood with Sally Clarkson

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From working on college campuses to sharing the Gospel behind the Iron Curtain as a missionary,  traveling around the world to speak on discipleship, Sally Clarkson has tenaciously sought after God’s kingdom and has used her ministry to encourage others to do the same. From her best-selling books and ministries, Sally has shared from her heart and home about the value of motherhood and the potential for home to cultivate life, love, and faith. 

Today, we are honored to welcome Sally to share her wisdom and her contagious passion for visionary motherhood.

“I believe that mothers are those who shape generations, build godly legacies, and inspire their children’s hearts, souls and minds so that they will go back into the world to live the reality of Christ in all areas of life. Coming alongside moms to encourage them has been a commitment of my ministry.”

Sally Clarkson

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“We are not here to control our children. We are here to set our children free by giving them an amazing foundation.””There is no formula. It is a walk of faith–a life of worship to God.”

Sally Clarkson

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Say to your children: “I believe that God has made you to be somebody to bring light into darkness, beauty into ugliness, healing into places where there have been scars.”

Sally Clarkson

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