Foundations to Shape a Family with Ruth Chou Simons

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In celebration of motherhood, we’d love you to consider two questions:

First, what do you value the most?  If you took an inventory of your life and answered this question, what might your answer be?  And second, what is your motivation to pursuing time with the Lord daily? 

We are spending our minutes together today to begin a conversation about Family Worship and the steps to beginning and pursuing Jesus for a lifetime. 

In today’s culture, families struggle to find the time and the urgency to be in the Word together. 

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The questions we meet every day can be: How do we begin? What do we do? What if my spouse or family do not understand and don’t want to join me? All very realistic questions and thoughts.

We are joined by Ruth Chou Simons, bestselling author, artist, entrepreneur, speaker, and mother to six boys who will help us answer these and other important questions about building the foundations that will shape a family for eternity.

“Things happen in our lives that we will never foresee, but the foundation of God’s Word means that we can stand upon Christ and we will not shake…His steady promises are what we can build everything on.”

Ruth Chou Simons

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“God won’t waste any season. God won’t waste any circumstance.”

Ruth Chou Simons

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