Teaching Kids About Jesus

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Teaching Kids About Jesus

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There is no greater gift to give your children than to hide God’s Word in their heart. Motherhood is a wide-open invitation to living a life led and loved by Jesus.  We are the walking, talking example of God’s love they will remember.

Today, we want to talk about the two biggest obstacles that intimidate moms from teaching our kids about Jesus. Time and Knowledge. God’s Word is not intimidating, but it is our fear of not bringing it alive that stalls us. The how, when, what of every day learning and living Jesus gets us stuck.

We always find great encouragement knowing someone else has blazed a trail of trial and error before me. Today, we will share starting points and ideas on how to teach your kids about Jesus.

We realize we cannot be everything our children will always need. Unless we give them a daily dose of the living, breathing God in their life, when the day comes that we cannot be there or fix something, they won’t know to rely on God first.

You  have a captive audience , so be intentional and seize the opportunities given to you every day. It may seem daunting or intimidating at first, but the small, bite-sized pieces to your every day investment, will add up to a life-time of fruit in knowing Jesus.

We don’t need to waste one more day to see the Word come alive in our homes.

We will also be featuring a special segment on Instagram @MomtoMomPodcast on How To Teach Your Children About Jesus, so stay tuned!

We have listed some of our favorite and most helpful links for teaching your kids about Jesus on our Resource Page.

Join the conversation today and share your personal journey on Teaching Your Kids About Jesus.