The Work-at-Home Mom with Heather MacFadyen

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It has been said that the work-at-home mom gets the best of both home and work, but she also gets the worst of both too. And while that might sound a little fatalistic to some, especially to those who have always mistakenly looked at working from home as the holy grail of career arrangements, as a woman who has been a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, and now a work-at-home mom, I’d completely agree–we WAHMs get the best but also sometimes the worst.

But there’s hope! Today we’re joined by Heather MacFadyen, wife, mother of four boys, and host of the wildly popular Don’t Mom Alone Podcast. She shares some great insight into finding the balance between work and home, setting good boundaries, and learning to delegate when necessary.  

Ask God: “What’s Your part and what’s my part and what am I adding to my plate that you never intended?”

Heather MacFadyen of Don’t Mom Alone

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“Is the thing that I’m about to say yes to worth losing the time that will be over very quickly?”

Heather MacFadyen of Don’t Mom Alone

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