Mom Hacks for the Christmas Season

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Some of us LOVE the Christmas season and everything that comes with it. And then some of us just wish that we could wake up and have the house decorated, everything wrapped, the food cooked and the festivities planned without having to do any of it. Let’s just be honest… as a mom, Christmas can be a tad bit overwhelming. It’s not that we don’t love our families or the special memories, but the hype and the expectations, the lists and the to-dos can sometimes overtake us. Not to mention how expensive it all is.

So, today, consider this episode to be your sanity saver. Your power punch list–the tips and traditions that will bring back your inspiration and give you a clear path to the best Christmas for you and for your family. Whilst you’re at it, visit a site like for some extra help with that holiday budgeting – we could all do with a bargain around this time of year!

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Mentioned on the Podcast:

Maybe you aren’t sending personalized Christmas cards, baking cookies from scratch, making a gingerbread house, visiting Santa, moving your Elf, watching Christmas movies, taking family photos in matching Christmas pyjamas, going on a sleigh ride, decorating a tree, making homemade gifts, attending an ugly Christmas sweater party, singing carols, AND hosting Christmas dinner. That’s Ok. The truth is, all that magic and joy can quickly turn exhausting and burdensome-for kids and parents alike. 

So don’t try to do it all; instead, pick two or three activities or traditions that are most important to you and make the most of them.

And above all, don’t forget to remember WHO or WHAT Christmas is really about.