Back to School

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It’s that time of year again! When we line up backpacks, lunch bags, piles of notebooks and return to a routine of academia, more structure and new beginnings for our kids. Back to School Season always brings a mix of emotions for moms. We’re excited to have more routine after some much-needed summer flexibility. We’re happy to see our kids back to learning and growing and we crave the newness of another school year. 

But, along with all of the excitement, we also experience an overwhelming sense of responsibility for preparation, we feel the nervousness of new areas and new things for our kids and quite honestly, some of us, or maybe most of us experience a little fear. Fear of the back-to-school release. New friends, new influences, new choices, new expectations, and the list begins to grow as we prepare for and say hello to the back to school prep and the first day back.

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