Marriage & Motherhood

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How is it possible for us, as mothers, to give 100% of our hearts and time to two different priorities in our lives at the same time? 

When we become knee-deep in sleepless nights, kids’ schedules and caregiving to our sweet bundles of joy, it becomes all too easy to slowly inch away from our first-loves. In our efforts to become great moms, our marriages can often become side-lined.

It happens so naturally and slowly over time.  Just think of it this way: We are giving and giving to our children, from the moment they are in our wombs or come to our homes… until now. We begin to shift our attention and time to their present, their future, their comfort, and their success. But, then what?

We all know a great and godly marriage takes work. And it’s also fair to say that motherhood is a full-time job of its own as well. It’s a delicate balance. How DO we find the time, the space, the energy, and the focus to keep both relationships healthy and strong?  Is it possible?

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