Letting Others In

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Letting Others In-The call to Biblical Mentorship

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Welcome back to the table!

We’re happy you are listening in to our conversation today. We have discovered Mentoring to be vital in the arena of motherhood and often, most neglected topic too.  In this Episode we share our different perspectives, generational experiences and hope you will find encouragement and some thought provoking ideas to consider on Biblical Mentorship.

If you haven’t joined as a Subscriber yet, don’t miss the 30 Days of Prayer for My Child, a free printable download we have for every subscriber. Thank you for joining us around the table today. Be brave and reach out or let someone else into your space. We are cheering you on!

“Let women into your life to fill the cracks and empty places with hope, help, and a faith that cannot be shaken even in the hardest of your motherhood days.”

September McCarthy in {Why} Motherhood Matters

Questions to Consider Today:

  • What is keeping you from reaching out for help or allowing someone to be a part of the messy of your life?
  • Do you ever feel that you “have done your time,” and that this generation can figure it out just like you had to? What does this generation need that fits what God has prepared you to give?

3 thoughts on “Letting Others In”

  1. The ladies on the podcast have been encouraging already. Im looking forward to Future ones.

  2. I am having trouble accessing the 30 days of prayer for my child. Can you help me with this?

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