Building Character in Kids

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As the old saying goes, “More is caught than taught.” And there aren’t too many examples of that proverb that carry more weight than character. Mamas, whether we want to admit it or not, little eyes are watching us. And they are going to parrot back, not just what we say, but what we do. So it goes without saying that if we want to raise kids with character, we have to lead by example.

The world is going to feed them bad examples by firehose. And we’re not just talking about big, obvious character issues like embezzling money or committing heinous crimes. We’re talking about the little things–the everyday actions that reveal our true selves like calling in sick, when we’re not; piggy-backing on a friend’s internet service or Amazon password to save a few dollars, or even canceling on a commitment at the last minute.

All of these are daily examples that our children see played out into the world. This is what we, as parents, are up against. To some extent, we are swimming upstream, sometimes dog paddling, against the lack of character in our current culture.

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